How Tilt-Werks® Works

Tilt-up project software

How It Works

Tilt-Up Design Collaboration with Tilt-Werks® Online Application

Tilt-Up Design Systems, LLC (TDS) has created an innovative, collaborative on-line application that allows the Tilt-Up Industry to design and manage tilt-up projects, access resources, find information on technology, codes and regulations and communicate with architects, designers, structural engineers, contractors and suppliers through a web based subscription service. This collaborative technology is called Tilt-Werks®.

Tilt-Werks® by TDS is a sophisticated tilt-up application used to develop a complete tilt-up project design and construction package including the Building Information Modeling (BIM) data. Building geometry and engineering data are input using a user friendly interface. As data is entered, Tilt-Werks® builds the tilt-up wall on screen, allowing the designer to visually verify the accuracy of the input and interactively make additions and changes. Using this information, Tilt-Werks® will then automatically generate complete panel design/detail drawings, engineering calculations, reinforcing steel drawings, reinforcing bar cut lists, material and product quantity takeoffs, cost estimates and exportable data files for use with other drawing and estimating tools.

This information can be exported to customized interfaces within the Tilt-Werks® application created for manufacturers and suppliers to enable them to quickly respond to customer requests and project schedules. Rather than duplicating documents, project information and drawings can be shared in real time among the project team, using Tilt-Werks®. These features can literally cut weeks of time from the project design and construction schedule.

Tilt-Werks® is the only all-in-one tilt-up application package that integrates structural engineering design, the generation of drawings, BIM data, material quantities and cost estimates in one package. Other general features for this collaborative community include:

"Building technology that werks™" is the focus of TDS and our collaborative technology. Tilt-Werks® is a fully integrated resource that expedites the construction of tilt-up projects from preliminary design through structural engineering, preparation of shop drawings and continues on to material take-offs, project cost estimates and integration with industry suppliers.